Monday, February 20, 2012

My Dad is a cancer survivor. I hesitate to say those words because I understand this disease and how it comes back with a vengeance to claim the life that slipped out of its vicious grips. I trust in GOD and in his LOVE and ability to HEAL and because of this tiny amount of faith embedded on my heart I will say it out loud and proclaim for all to hear.... MY DAD IS A CANCER SURVIVOR AND BY THE GRACE OF GOD, THE SKILLED HANDS OF THE SURGEONS, THE CARING TOUCH OF THE NURSES AND ALL THE PROFESSIONALS WHO TOUCHED MY DAD IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER HELPED HIM SURVIVE THE CANCEROUS TUMOR THAT GREW TO THE SIZE OF A BASEBALL IN HIS COLON. Incredible, amazing, miraculous are some words I can use to describe this event in our lives. I will also choose fear, anger and solitude to describe this event. I am grateful and can't thank those that helped us through. I am most amazed with my Brother and his UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, STRENGTH AND DEDICATION. My Dad and My Brother remain the heroes of my life.
I Will Always Love You

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday, June 7, 2009

do you trust me?


I'm a hopeful romantic. That sounds better to me. I'm sweeped away with the thought of feeling as though time stands still as he is gazing upon me and sees right through to my soul each time he looks into my eyes. He sees the real me and likes it. "....make every day count...", says Jack as he is sitting at the table with Rose and the other snooty upper class passengers of the Titanic. Ahhh yes, the Titanic, one of my favorite movies. The timeless beauty, the haunting soundtrack, the freeing scene wherein Jack asks Rose to trust him. Trust!! Trust?, does that truly exist? Who do you trust? A question not easily answered but lets get back to more important matters, like the hot sex scene. Really it was hot, depicted by their sweaty bodies in the backseat of the horseless carriage. I love the passionate kisses, tight embraces and breathless moments that seemed endless. Make it count, make each day, hour, moment and second count. I have encountered frequent icebergs but none capable of sinking my overboard, hahahahaha!.....but hold on just a minute I am grateful to God for giving me the strength I have needed inorder to get passed those icebergs and steering my ship when I could longer man the wheel. "In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path." (Proverbs) I jest but am never cocky. Hoy tu y manana yo, pero sabes que? I am so happy to simply be alive. They're many people suffering the loss of loved ones. And many suffering from plain old loss. Something that's missing in their lives. I am hopeful but at the same time that lookout guy never leaves the tower.

Monday, March 30, 2009